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After a heavy pandemic crisis and in the midst of a climate crisis, it is indicative that money is being used to arm yet another war, instead of strengthening public health and scientific research, instead of investing in energy conversion, social and cultural affairs. Equally indicative is the blunt use of censorship and repression toward any manifestation of dissent.

A year ago, the CAMeC Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art in La Spezia, during the exhibition “Liberare arte da artisti” (dedicated to the artivism of Giacomo Verde) allowed itself to censor the work “Omaggio Ogiugno” by Reodadaistx because it saw the words “Demilitarize La Spezia” written on a wall. In the days that followed, Reodadaist artivist AlessandrOne in protest of the censorship cut his chest and with his blood wrote “demilitarize the world”. The gesture led the prosecutor’s office in La Spezia to issue a criminal conviction decree that called for 3 months’ imprisonment commuted to 3 thousand and broken euros in fines.

Thus the institutions of NATO Italy condemn any dissent to war, even a writing on the wall of a museum.We do not give up! We have challenged the condemnation and are preparing to face a trial with dignity to release the writing “DEMILITARIZE THE WORLD” and defend every struggle against war thinking, against the culture of war and its spectacularization, and against the most subdued forms of power.

So come on, let’s make these words resonate EVERYWHERE! Let us propose a call to the arts that is as open as possible to any anti-militarist experimentation: “DEMILITARIZE THE WORLD.”
Let us take these three words and represent them, express them, cross them, and above all, spread them with the greatest freedom of choice, without limits of technique or format. Using brush, digital, blood, voice, body, plastic or magic… a sticker, a performance in a public place, an installation in a locus amenus or in front of military sites, in the street, at school, at the bar…


Send your operAction to in photo or video (.mp4), they will be uploaded to for dissemination and archiving. In addition, the collection of all works received will be displayed in front of the La Spezia court on Jan. 10, 2024, the day of the first hearing of the reodadaistx trial. You are all invited to the vernissage!!!

Let’s do it!